Can public perception on the gambling industry be changed? SITA quoted in Totally Gaming

By admin In Industry, News, Opinion, Press, Staff August 1, 2016

Square in the Air’s Robin Hutchison has been featured in Totally Gaming‘s discussion on whether public perception about the gambling industry can be changed.

Ahead of October’s EiG Expo in Berlin, where the question “Gambling is an industry where public perception can never be changed, much like the alcohol or tobacco industry. Do you agree?” will be debated at the Mission Control talk, Totally Gaming posed the same question to a number of experts to gauge their opinion.

Robin said:

“The operator will always be the Sheriff of Nottingham to the customer’s Robin Hood. But I think that a number of firms have moved to make that relationship less adversarial by being more customer friendly and cleverer with their sponsorships.

“Focusing on customer retention more than acquisition will improve public perception too. Brands that have crazy acquisition offers to hook newcomers underestimate the annoyance felt by the loyal customers they exclude. It goes without saying that we also need to take responsible gambling seriously rather the seeing it as a necessary evil.”

You can read the article, as well as the thoughts from other experts in the industry, here.

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