For the past decade, Square in the Air has been offering a range of PR and marketing services to clients across the sports, betting and gaming and financial sectors. Here are a few of the areas where we can help you


With an unparalleled contacts book and years of experience working across all elements of the media, our team can deliver communications on any scale, from well-honed corporate press announcements to ongoing creative consumer campaigns.


Our dedicated digital team know how to get your voice heard among the growing cacophony of social media. With 24/7 support, we will develop a unique voice which stands apart on all the major platforms - letting you engage with the people who matter.


Our team includes a number of experienced ex-journalists who know how to make copy sparkle. We have written thousands of articles for countless publications, and have the contacts across the media to ensure our work is read by the right people.


As an award-winning experiential agency, we have a presence at many of the UK’s major sporting events. Our ever-growing network of brand ambassadors can meet any requirement and we are able to deliver both results and measurability.


We regularly work alongside major sporting stars and teams and know how to extract value from costly sponsorship deals. We can assist at every step of your journey, from finding the right partner to ensuring coverage which reaches your target.


We work with some of the biggest names in sport to create original, engaging and on-brand content. We can tap into an extensive network to find an ambassador who perfectly suits your need, and assist at every stage of the journey.


We create flawless events which dazzle customers or clients. From concept to execution Square in the Air can help you make an impression while staying within budget. We can also draw on our team of brand ambassadors to give your event that extra sparkle.


From concept to execution, we offer a full branding service which will position your business exactly where you want it to be. We will outline guidelines to ensure your brand develops and continue to engage with the right customers.