Square in the Air partners with GamCrowd Studio

By admin In Industry, News, Staff, Uncategorized October 21, 2016

Square in the Air has joined the GamCrowd Studio partner programme.

GamCrowd, which is a crowdsourcing platform for the gambling industry, helps support and promote the gambling technology sector in the wider tech community, and is the home of innovation and ideas for the gambling industry.

SITA and GamCrowd’s partnership presents a number of opportunities for the company and the GamCrowd community, with SITA able to provide assistance and expertise to industry start-ups.

Speaking after the announcement, SITA director Ollie Drew said: “The gambling industry is a hotbed of talent, innovation and creativity. By partnering with GamCrowd we are able to support and collaborate with the people and companies driving it forward.

“We have worked with Chris North and the team for a number of years and are firmly behind what GamCrowd is trying to achieve. Hopefully, along with the other firms in the programme, we can provide expertise in areas that might not always be readily available to start-ups.”

SITA join an illustrious list of GamCrowd partner companies, including Grand Parade, Clarion, iGaming Ideas, Inchinn, Joelson, Shop Works, and Unibet on GamCrowd’s program.

Read more: Ollie Drew Q&A on the GamCrowd.com website

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