UFX go viral with Amazing Buskers video

By admin In Client news, Social media July 6, 2017

A feel-good online marketing video from UFX.com, an online Forex broker, has gone viral, with over 12 million views, and over 200,000 shares and comments in its first two weeks.

The film, made by The Viral Factory, shows a group of musicians coming together at random to busk a tune in front of an impromptu crowd.

Shot outside London’s Tate Modern, the ‘Amazing Buskers’ campaign intended to break down the barriers when it comes to financial trading, encouraging people to ‘come and have a go’.

Square in the Air helped put UFX in touch with The Viral Factory, as well as releasing the video to key contacts in the media, to ensure it received maximum exposure.

Paul Seiber, PR and brand manager at UFX.com, said: “We were looking for a new way to inspire people, as we believe extraordinary things can be done when people are given the chance.

“This video proves exactly that and we’ve been blown away by the reaction from audiences all over the world, who have shared and commented on it in their thousands.

“Trading is sometimes viewed as too difficult or inaccessible but we encourage people to come and have a go. The UFX trading platform is open to anyone and we have all the tools to help people with their first steps into the world of trading.”

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