Eleanor Rose Lynch - Videographer for SITA and Producer for iGamingFM and third best dancer at SITA (Ben and Hugh take the lead).

Sony a7iii camera is our weapon of choice at SITA because its super lightweight for travel and carrying on those longer shoots, very versatile and extremely adaptable for each filming scenario; its the skeleton that just allows you to add. Sound is the most important part of videography in my opinion. For every other aspect,there’s always a work around if it doesn’t quite go to plan. If you don’t have good sound, you are in a really bad scenario. I would say that the Rode shotgun mic is one of the most flexible microphones. We film in some really busy and chaotic environments sometimes, so having a microphone that is sensitive to your voice - ideally a cardioid or super cardioid mic - is so vital. My last must-have item is a gimbal to be able to have that silky smooth stablisation and capture some really creative b-roll.

This is really hard to choose because I know there’s a few projects currently in the pipeline that could take that spot. Over the past year, our clients have really started to trust us with developing ideas with them and trialling out different forms of content, which is not only music to any creative’s ears, but it also makes them stand out - everyone ends up with a better product! The projects that I love the most are the ones that allow for a real collaboration. Filming with White Hat Studios in Times Square for their forthcoming Beavis & Butthead launch, working with Playson for their 10 year anniversary video and working with Flutter Entertainment for their Pride video series were projects that left me waking up each day saying, ‘I really can’t believe I get to do this as a job’.

Billy Joel, ‘We didn’t Start the Fire’ but as the song progresses I make it more and more historically inaccurate until Robin can no longer take it.

I’m going to cheat and say tapas because then you’re having lots of little meals and still get to try new foods. I love having it with clients or colleagues when we travel because its a more connective way to have food with people; it’s a shared experience. With some sangria, of course.

Lip balm, moisturiser, and a good book! I’m currently reading 'War or Peace - The Struggle for World Power’ by Deepak Lal. I would have included Maoam sweets but Hugh and Stew always nick them all.

Hiking is my de-stresser and I try to get out periodically throughout the week for short walks at lunchtime or after work, whilst doing my 4-10 hour hike on Sundays. I’m blessed to live in the Peak District so really have my pick of trails. I class my fave hikes into three categories

1.Training hike - which is a timed, intensive walk for long hours at speed. My favourite route for this is Edale Skyline.

2. Explorer hike - no real plan, you want to venture off the trail a bit, do a bit of clambering and have fun. For this go to Bamford Edge.

3.Instagram walk - sometimes you just want to take nice pictures of where you are and that's okay. Go to Derwent Reservoir for this.

I work from home so would have to say I’d renovate the office first. I have to create an environment free of distraction to be able to get into that deep work zone. I think if that room wasn’t completed it would drive me up the walls when I am on calls or recordings throughout the day. I also have a brass monkey lamp that I am adding to that room. I think I bought it as a joke but now absolutely love it and I’m excited for that to be a talking point.

I have the same song stuck in my head everyday when I get busy and this might explain my madness but it’s The Hamster Dance. Good luck trying to not have that song stuck in your head the rest of the day.