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Bill has three kids, three dogs and one ageing racehorse. He set up Square in the Air back in 2006 and has loved every step of the journey so far.

The first person to join Bill at Square in the Air way back in 2007, Ben is a huge sports fan, in particular horse racing, football, basketball and golf. Although his marathon days are now behind him, he remains a keen runner and has a passion for cooking, travel and music. The annual pilgrimage to work at the Cheltenham Festival is his favourite week of the year.

A long suffering Spurs fan. When he’s not watching videos on TikTok or YouTube you can find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

An outdoorsman at heart, Robin is most at home in the countryside walking his dog, foraging for mushrooms and birdwatching. He is always on hand to bore his colleagues with unnecessary anecdotes about the Second World War, occasionally escaping his obsession to enjoy a real ale, a good dram of whisky, or a few overs of county cricket.

A southerner living ‘up north’ for 20 years, Stewart continues to insist his Mancunian kids support Spurs and, in exchange, spends much of his time ferrying them back and forth to various sporting and social engagements. Stewart loves to be outside, whether that is walking his dogs, cycling the local lanes and canals, or - increasingly - dozing in the hammock with an unopened book.

A long-suffering Tottenham supporter, Ollie enjoys a kickabout when he can. He keeps fit(ish) running around parks and after his kids.

Now based in Norwich, Lewis spends most of his time looking after the cute yet mischievous kitten duo of Gus and Mavis, who have been known to gate crash work video calls. Alongside gym visits and trips to North London to see The Arsenal, Lewis is attempting to prove the legend that Norwich has a pub for each day of the year.

With an unhealthy obsession of true crime, Lina spends most of her spare time watching documentaries or listening to podcasts if she is not exploring London and quality checking its pubs. When given the opportunity, Lina also loves to jump on a plane to explore the corners of the world.

Nick is a die-hard Arsenal fan. When he's not on Holloway Road, you'll find him getting over their last defeat on the tennis court.

A former sports journalist, Matt has so far ticked off visits to 64 professional football grounds in England but these days spends his spare time cooking, travelling and ferrying his twin girls around. Matt is also a keen eight-ball pool cueist and an authority on England batting collapses, having witnessed the daddy of them all in Adelaide in 2006. He has two party tricks: juggling, and being able to name the entire works of Shakespeare in sequence (but not yet at the same time).

This man is all things rugby, whether he's watching league or out playing union. Otherwise he's watching his cherished Portsmouth FC.

Owner of over 40 houseplants and an infinite amount of dead ones, our green-fingered “expert” Aidan spends his time adventuring the road less travelled, getting lost and collecting huge roaming charges following google maps to get home.

Nearly the oldest person at SITA, not that you’d guess from his sense of humour, Dan’s lustrous oversupply of grey hair stems from his commitment to the UK’s least successful ‘professional’ football club and the equally challenging Welsh rugby. An avid home cook, adding excessive chilli and garlic to everything, Dan can also be found cursing his lack of fitness on a run, escaping on his PS5 and enjoying fabulous world lagers. “World-class” singer after two pints and voice of ten men always. Boasts a record of having to be rescued by emergency services on three holidays. Not his fault.

This Irishman is a bookworm, film buff and current affairs podcast enthusiast. He’ll hit the gym but loves an IPA and trying new recipes.

A lifelong Manchester United fan, Mark distracts himself from his team's poor performances by playing the guitar and hitting the gym whenever he can.

Self-confessed nerd with a passion for obscure noughties nostalgia, lego, Formula 1 and maintaining a frighteningly unbalanced diet. Before entering the iGaming industry Sam spent several years as a football reporter being berated by frustrated managers across the Midlands.

A former journalist who now spends his working week writing engaging copy for iGaming clients, Sehaj is a huge football fan that follows Manchester United and occasionally tunes into the odd neutral match. Most of the time you’ll find him wearing headphones while listening to his favourite artists, and when possible you can find him at concerts enjoying the thrill of live music.

Another delusional Arsenal fan, Julian likes to spend his weekends walking his beloved beagle and captaining his local Sunday league side.

Born and raised in Scotland, Lewis is a huge sports fan who spent four years in the US on a football scholarship while studying for his degree. He now spends his days playing 5-a-side, going to the gym, travelling and enjoying the occasional Guinness.

Bronwyn spends her Saturdays channelling her Welsh-ness as a winger on the rugby pitch, but around that, you’ll still find her swimming, cycling and running… unable to let go of her 10-year triathlon ‘career’. When she does sit down to watch sport, it’ll be the Six Nations, cycling tours, or white ball cricket. During her other waking hours, she’ll swap into her walking boots, pack her tent, and disappear into the dales on a route that’s dotted with Guinness-serving pubs. In short, she loves fresh air and a pint.

All things horse racing, consumer comms and social media. 7+ years working in PR, focussing on campaigns for clients in sport, sports betting and horse racing. Most enjoys - travelling the world to attend racing events. Least enjoys – forgetting my key card when coming to the office, and Kempton’s Festival Trials Day in February when it’s freezing cold Won the 2002 Surrey Schools Quiz Championship when my intellect peaked at the age of 12. Supports Chelsea, plays rugby and enjoys cooking.

A former sports journalist, Tom has a huge passion for all things sport, particularly football - and even more specifically, Arsenal. Also a massive music fan, if he's not watching sport, he's listening to music. And if he's not listening to music, he's watching sport. Usually in that order.

Charlie is a huge sports with a particular passion for golf, horse racing and football. If he isn't cheering on much-loved Liverpool, then he'll almost certainly be found working on his dodgy slice at the golf course or trying to find the winner of next year’s Grand National.

A dedicated follower of racing with a particular love of northern jumps courses. He enjoys walking in wild places and making a racket playing drums.

Coming soon...

Sam is an avid sports fan following boxing and watching the UFC every weekend. His favourite sport to play and watch live is rugby, which he played for nearly 10 years for his hometown side Windsor Rugby. He is currently on placement from the University of Exeter where he is a member of the boxing society. Aside from sport he has a variety of interests including trading stocks and going out with his friends.

Rich is a passionate triathlete. Whilst he's not training for his Ironman, he's boring you talking about it. He also bakes sausage rolls.

Ellen is SITA’s reigning go-kart champion and the fact this is top of her bio just about sums up her competitive side. She grew up playing football but she’s recently hung up her boots to pursue her love for running and learn golf. Her yearly trips to Vegas are a staple in her calendar, catching some live NFL at the Raiders stadium then spending every other minute of her trip either eating, playing poker or throwing dice.

Born and bred on the South Coast of Kent, Alex is no stranger to his locally brewed beers, particularly the Whitstable Pale Ale. When he’s not supporting his childhood football team Arsenal, you’ll more than often find him at his favourite pub ‘The Bohemian’. Since joining SITA, he has had a growing interest in horse racing, gradually ticking off some of the UK’s top race tracks to visit.

Surrounded by anything sports, music & creative! You can catch Gurdain on a cycling trail or camera in hand capturing life’s moments. His weekends consist of Arsenal, F1 and supporting his Sunday League team Harrow Hive – Up The Hive! Aside from Gurdain’s design work he enjoys reading about almost anything, as well creating and listening to music.

Dubbed by many a ‘plastic’ Coventry City fan, hopeful to someday see his club return to glory. In his spare time you can catch Daniel down the local pub, attempting 10k’s and looking for new ways to enhance his illustration skills (most likely in that order)

Outside of design, you’ll find me watching, and most probably slating Chelsea regularly. If I’m not watching Chelsea, I’ll be at the pub with a vodka in hand, probably watching even more football. I will always find the time to open up Photoshop in the evenings after work and weekends to create re-active creative content for my feeds.

Cameron is one of the newest members in the design team at Square in the Air. Outside of work he is a dedicated Chelsea fan and seasoned beer pong player. You will catch him playing squash during the week and the occasional 5 a side match. As well as this he enjoys cycling to the beach with a rucksack full of warm Peroni’s to watch the sunset.

Monday to friday I'll be coding websites. Friday I'm at the Pub. Saturday I'm Watching Charlton. Sunday I'm playing below average football. In and around that I'm either developing my coding knowledge, seeing my girlfriend or criticising burger sauce from various kebab shops.

When he's not watching his beloved Arsenal through frightened fingers, Nils plays for and manages a successful Saturday League team.

He's obsessed with all things sport. If someone's throwing it, kicking it or racing it, he's probably watching it. As Northern as a chip barm.

Coming Soon...

Cam is an avid sports fan, who spends a lot of time watching football, horseracing, baseball and F1. He’s also a keen darts player, with rumours suggesting that he’s the greatest darting talent in Wokingham. Most of his weekends are taken up either cycling or watching The Arsenal. He’s a firm believer that Fosters is a decent pint and that Carl Jenkinson deserved so much more from football.

Richard spends his time going up and down the country watching Stoke play. A proud Yorkshireman that’s ended up in London.

A Chelsea devotee – Oliver can always be found on the weekends staying up to watch the Lakers, the Giants (it's our year) and MMA.

Ellie is a little bit chaotic by nature. In her spare time, she travels here, there, and everywhere. Aside from listening to the greatest podcast ever iGamingFM, Ellie also enjoys regularly tuning in to listen to other shows related to comedy or crime. Her reading and watching time is mainly spent diving into her interests which include historic conflict, art films, or philosophy. Bringing some calmness to her life, most Sundays you can find Ellie hiking on one of the many Peak District trails. Ellie also loves receiving brownies from SITA.

Obsessed with Music, Film, Sport and Food. In an Indiepop band as the vocalist. Producer and DJ, love a good hike. Signature dish - Beef stroganoff. Favourite director Christopher Nolan. Favourite sports are Footy and UFC. On a weekend you will find me either watching a DJ or at a gig, making music in the studio, or in the pub ideally watching some footy - on a really good weekend, all of the above.

Coming soon...

When not obsessively watching tennis Annette can be found playing it, hoping to have found inspiration. Currently the mixed doubles, ladies doubles and singles champion of her village club (it’s a very small club) she’s stopped competing so she can’t lose. Now that her days of climbing mountains are (possibly) in the past she’s replaced this with running or walking trying to keep up with her sheep dog whatever the weather.